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By | 25 May, 2014

Today I am going to discuss about content marketing. Content marketing is the term that is getting more importance in day to day business and it is nowadays regarded as a regularly  used term  in the  business.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the art of generating useful content then market them for a good ROI. The contents are created to supply the useful information from which audience learn about the products and services.  Content  must be original not the sales promotion. It will educate the target audience, tell the story behind your product or service. Content marketing does not mean only to create content, publish blogs and newsletter, rather the core purpose is to get your message to your customers to attract them so that they are driven to your website. The purpose is to build relationship to your customers and understand their requirements and fulfill them. You are creating value and your purpose is to get value back. You create value by providing truthful and useful content and you get value back by acquiring new customers.

There are some steps to follow in order to create valuable content. First of all you have to identify  your target audience on the basis of age, demography, industry and whatever relevant to define the target audience. Then the research on the demand of the audience, what they exactly want and serve them with valuable content. Now there arises  the question which platform to post your content? The reality is that platform is not so much important as content. Content is the most important in content marketing. The content must be clear, simple and precise and it should convey the message clearly. You can post your content on your website as a blog, article, white papers, ebooks, newsletter and more. You can also post your content to the popular social media sites too. More content to other high traffic sites will help your site to rank higher  in the search engine. As a result of high rank in search engine your website gets more and more traffic. When your content is able to create interest among the readers, they talk about that and it is advertised in word of mouth. As a result of all these happenings you are certainly going to be benefited and acquire more customers by creating value.

By performing the content marketing campaign properly you are not dragging the audience to your website, but they are driven to you and that why we say content is the king.

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