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Vic Gundotra’s last message after leaving Goolge

Vic Gundotra’s last message after leaving Goolge Last month, my wife’s uncle died in a tragic accident in LA when the bicycle he was using to get lunch was hit by a truck. At the memorial service his daughter relayed a very touching story.  She said her dad (who was her best friend) called every… Read More »

how to back up orkut data and migrate it

After Ten years journey of Orkut the time has come for it to close down. Its very sad Google failed to modify world first most popular social media platform and created a new platform Google+. But We all have accepted it, although the response to it nothing near to orkut’s primary stage’s acceptance. Orkut actually… Read More »

Facebook not working on Google Chrome?

Facebook will not focus on Google Chrome however it creates Mozilla? I have attempted restarting Chrome, & restarting my computer, however it will not work? use “personalize and control google chrome” and choose options . See the Top Blue Bar is not coming. See search bar is not present and how it is coming under the… Read More »

Google Chrome 23 released

Introduction Google Chrome 23 launched with lightweight and fast browsing alternative. Today it has certainly converted into a cutting-edge browser with features like synchronization, autofill, and standards compliance that keep Google’s better in building among the quickest browsers available. With its own App Store it’s just the thing needed in today’s time. Chrome 23 is a… Read More »

Free Email Account for Small Businesses Google Apps alternate

Google Applications Alternative for Self employed Google applications appears to be the greatest cloud services that provides paperwork, email, statistics, calendar, tasks along with other google services for business and people. It’s not so simple to find alternative for google applications thinking about the kind of applications and single sign-on feature they offer to customers.… Read More »

E-Mail Error You’ve Lost Your Connection

You’ve Lost Your Connection A failure to transmit or receive e-mail could be tracked to some lost reference to your Isp. Solutions If you notice a “failure to connect” or “no response” message and have otherwise determined you have unsuccessful for connecting, make sure to make sure you will find no physical problems. First, look… Read More »

E-Mail Error Came back Messages

If this is effective, e-mail could be great. It’s unequaled e-mail for from remaining in contact with family to asking for information from companies or any other organizations. Wish to send exactly the same message to many people? Contact someone over the region? Transmit photos, manuscripts or any other information? For speed and efficiency, this virtually immediate… Read More »

Google Entrepreneur

Google Entrepreneur, welcome to new google initiative. A simple search of startup saturday in facebook search bar will give you the nearest wing of the same group to your location. A group developed by entrepreneurs and industrialists. It communicates among each other reagarding available work opportunities. It also helps young entrepreneurs to start their ventures.… Read More »