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How to do SEO of your website

The Optimization of your website is the most important thing beyond anything else. Because a proper optimization can only take you and your business to the customer. In today’s time every moment 45 million people are online only in India and this should give you an idea how many people can be your prospective customer.… Read More »

Google Ranking Factors of 2016

Google Ranking Factors of 2016: These matters ought to be detected In the current age of digital and web marketing we see 60 trillion pages running on web and a single company called Google manages to crawl so many pages. It seems to be impossible few years ago. With the changing technology and advent of… Read More »

How to take Google Adwords, Analytics and Bing Exam Successfully

The exams google currently offering through its Certified Partner Stry Programme are : Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam Google Search Advertising Advanced Exam Google Display Advertising Advanced Exam Google Video Advertising Exam Google Shopping Advanced Exam and Google Analytics certification (GAIQ) : Here are few resources for analytics exam’s study : Adwords Fundamentals Exam 2015. Live… Read More »

Benefits of Digital Marketing course

Benefits of Digital Marketing course Digital marketing is evolving fast with the changing needs of businesses and audiences. It is an exciting field that enjoys the benefits of new innovations. Without doubt, digital marketing is one of the most important aspects of business promotion. By adopting the latest in digital technologies people are now doing… Read More »

Google Webmaster Updates Search Queries to Search Analytics

Latest Google Webmaster Updates search queries to search analytics Speaking on Google webmaster tool we can first think of search queries. A data it generates and helps website owners worldwide keep track of its keyword wise searches and visibility.  Since the beginning of webmaster tool it has been upgraded many times including many new features… Read More »

Mobile responsive website designing and its need

Google is changing as it is now getting 60% Traffic from mobile handheld devices. Google will no longer allow sites which are not responsive to appear on its results page for its customers. It will check following things: 1. Responsiveness at the page level. 2. CSS and JavaScript need to be mobile friendly. 3. There… Read More »

Digital Marketing Course in kolkata

Extensive Ideas provide you only One and Complete Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata, Check following links for details on different parts of a single Course Fees Only Rs 6000/-, Limited Time Offer : Contact : Shibachal Road, Birati, Kolkata, West Bengal 700051 098363 75842 8013248668 Skype : omkarnn Course Content : 1.… Read More »

How to use Google Webmaster Tools For SEO

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools For SEO Webmaster tool that google provides us is a powerful tool. It helps you analyse the keywords a site is getting visited for and see how much visits is coming on which keyword. With that there are many other features that are considered very important for Search Engine… Read More »

Google Banned Domain Recovery

I will check the real reason why your domain is banned and will rectify the following by disavowing all negative backlinks giving bad page juice to your site.  We will do the following things: I will download all backlinks using your google webmaster tools full access where domain is listed. Then check each url for its harmful impact and submit… Read More »

Google Updates and penalties and changes

Google Updates and penalties and changes : Googe+ can understand the picture, but Google bot can not do the same, so they read the ALT tag. Here comes the importance of to have an alt tag for your images. Google images are an experimental place, and google is still working on its final shape. Perhaps it comes soon.… Read More »