Basics of SEO Outsourcing – How can you company benefit

By | 26 May, 2017

Basics of SEO Outsourcing – How can your company benefit?

Outsourcing is a great concept.

It is the great opportunity for companies situated in less fortunate countries to make some good money. Also, it is amazing for clients as it cuts their operation costs.

Same goes with SEO industry.

Given that this is a primarily an Internet job, the foreign company will have no logistic issue doing it. Unfortunately, with all its benefits, there are certain drawbacks. Otherwise, everyone would be doing it.
Let’s check all the pros and cost when it comes to SEO outsourcing.


1. It reduces costs

It is the most obvious reason why you should do it. In an era where information is available to everyone, and everybody speaks English, people from different countries have same opportunities. It is particularly the case for SEO as most people learn it from the Internet.

2. SEO is hard to master

Lot’s of bloggers like doing SEO themselves. Although I’m not completely against it, this profession revolves around constant learning and improvement. In that regard, it will be hard to keep in touch with all the changes that are happening around you.
SEO is not the exact science. Even though we are aware of all the ranking factors and basic SEO principles, there are simply too many variables which are hard to quantify. In such an environment, success usually contributed to trials and errors. It means that a blogger requires a lot of invested time to get the optimal results.

3. Reduces multitasking

Multitasking is one of the biggest perils of the modern-day blogging.
Most people who have a blog do it to make some money. There is a lot of pressure on a person to make it work. Often, this results in a lot of multitasking where the entrepreneur has to be an SEO professional, social media manager, company owner and copywriter. Because of this, you will always do mediocre work.

By hiring an SEO outsourcing company, you can concentrate on fewer things which produce the most value.

4. It is a long-term solution

Surely, SEO is one of the best long-term solutions for the websites.
If you decide to do it yourself, you will burn out sooner than later. Then, after a few years of struggling, producing mediocre SEO results, you will give reigns to an SEO company that will start the process anew.
The sooner you start outsourcing, the sooner will you have a team of professionals that will work on your long-term marking positioning.


5. It’s a cat-in-the-bag

Results of an SEO company can vary significantly.
One month they might on top of their game and the next month, they may completely flop. It is especially noticeable if the company is working in several different industries.
No matter how credible a person may look, there is no telling what kind of results he will produce. I’ve seen examples where a smaller team completely overshadows a highly-priced company.

6. Managing contacts

You are the face of the company. When it comes to striking big deals, you are the one that has to handle the process. At the same time, you have a group of people that is managing all your social contacts and blog. In some cases, they might be even using your name.
This kind of a discrepancy can be disastrous. Small mismanagement by SEO outsourced company can completely ruin your relationship with a potential partner.

7. Can be risky

I am talking about the creation of results that may look good at the first glance but can harm your long-term rankings and strategy. For example, a company that is using PBNs is taking a humongous risk given that Google is doing their best to eradicate them.
SEO outsourcing companies are willing to take chances just to impress a blogger. However, this isn’t necessarily the best option for you.


SEO outsourcing is a unique and superb way to save some money. Unfortunately, in most cases, you will have to have the basic understanding of SEO just to prevent potential mismanagement.
Ideally, you should find a trustworthy company and give them reigns of your internet marketing. Even then, there might be some risks. Ultimately, you need to determine whether these risks are worth the reward.

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