apple china factory conditions

By | 13 September, 2012

Apple china factory conditions seem to be going out of hand everyday and Apple as per J.P Morgan’s analyst Mark Moskowitz will be Smartphone leader with iPhone 5. While it becomes leader and wins cases against samsung in billions of dollar everything seems to be good and nice for apple. But wait when you come to know about the condition of the workers of its factories in china you will rethink about it.

Chinese factories Audit Brings up “Serious and Pressing” issues on excessive working hours, less overtime, bad living condition in small and shanty conditions. At Foxconn factory in China the workers problem went so far that even they thrreatend for a mass suicide (as learnt of sources).

Maximum workers are reported to be experiencing accident with health and safety breaches found by auditors. Workers till December had to put in 70 hours of work per week.

On the basis of FLA’s (US Fair Labor Association) audit Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Foxcon factory in Zhengzhou, China. They say they are trying to better the condition, educated workers and create model working environment.

But this Audit was done after its workers kept suciding, turning to schizophrenia and conditions seemed to be going out of hand.

So, with these pressing issues apple is going to be the world leader again as per J.P Morgan’s analyst Mark Moskowitz. Will apple be able to hold on to this position and will apple do something to improve workers living condition and lose a bit on business but work for both the buyer and the workers who create the apple devices is all to be seen.

In the meanwhile apple seem to be working and lets hope everything gets better for everyone and we keep keep getting better devices in reasonable cost.

I expect apple will think of looking to some other coutry who also provide ample scope and opportunity and that is India.

As a growing nation and with strong buyer base Apple should now think of distributing its manufacturing work and share a portion of it with India as India is a large consumer of apple products and it will keep increasing its share in apple’s revenue.

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