Amket EVO TV

By | 25 June, 2012

Here is a Global product from Indian manufacturer Amkette The Amkette Evo TV. Its a Media Center based on Android for TV. It gives all the powers of smart TV with browser, applications, wireless connectivity, DLNA and play media contents.

It would be available by June-end in Delhi (and NCR), Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata, and will be launched in 40 cities by the end of August this year.

What’s the special with it is ?

  1. Its INDIAN Cost very reasonable Rs 9,995 but Similar to Apple TV.
  2. Comes with a user-friendly remote with built in accelerometer for playing games. This remote can also be used to play games on other platforms as well.
  3. It also plays or runs all kinds of net content, especially Youtube Videos, Multi Media from other channels.
  4. Evo view is customised so that user can change it according to his need.
  6. It has 4GB of inbuilt memory as well so that you can install your own apps.
  7. As its a Android device it supports apps and device os updates and that extends its physical life as well.
  8. You can connect your other media devices that supports USB or ETHERNET port connectivity with it. As it has Four USB and an Ethernet Port. This can also turn it into a hub of media connectivity in your home
  9. Its remote acts like a mouse and has a microphone to facilitate conversations on VoIP (like Skype) from your home television, this is just amazing if truly felt.
  10. It don’t come with a keyboard but any wireless keyboard can be attached with it to use it.
  11. Even if on paper its processor seems very good but its look of the os is not that good, which will change with the updates.
  12. User can download apps from Android application market & Google Play and install it in EVO TV.

“The device has been conceptualised, researched and designed in India (Bangalore and Delhi) and took 14 months in the making,” Bapna said, and  it will be manufactured in China.

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3 thoughts on “Amket EVO TV

  1. Orion

    Looks good on paper and can become a great product !!! Do you have hand on experience? Can you please elaborate on “Even if on paper its processor seems very good but its look of the os is not that good”.


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