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By | 17 March, 2015

As online income sources are growing and importance of add media’s such as adsense is decreasing online marketers are focusing more on affiliate marketing training. As this is currently the highest return training program online. One can earn as much as a $1M (Million Dollar) in a year if he learns the secrets of it and applies with precision.

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With increasing focus on content quality for search engine optimization and social media optimization we are providing you the required training to build the proper content that will optimize your website and provide you healthy competitive gain in optimization. Understanding the competitors and working according to the work they are doing have also become an important aspect of marketing that we study with example and research using different tools. A detail discussion of seo tools will be done in the course to practically help you know and understand their benefit.

Amazon affiliate store is one of the biggest online stores. Millions buy from it from around the world. Now Amazon also offers affiliate system to sell their products from your own customized store. The store will connect to amazon api to pull the products that you want to promote and sell. This process not only helps amazon in promoting its web store but also provides chance to online earner and affiliate marketers to increase income .

To build the store first we will need to install wordpress on our website and install the required store plugin with suggested design matching with the plugin. This creates a keyword based or product category based store on your website using amazon products.

We provide you complete Training on Amazon Marketing from building wordpress based website to managing and handling techniques of it. We also teach you the process of marketing the same. As without marketing and promotion online and offline you can not promote the store increasing sales and leading to any profit from the same. Our detail Digital Marketing Course helps you understand the secrets and earn from amazon. You can see the details of our SEO Training and SMO Training.

Training covers every aspects of digital marketing. Starting from analyzing the keywords and domain name to planning your ppc campaign. Where you should invest more to enhance your income and start a profitable business from your home, you learn the secrets only with our digital marketing course.

With amazon there are many other sources from where you can add on to your income source and increase the profit and ROI. This is trained in detail. Few of the great sources are ClickBank, JVZoo. How you can track latest profitable product launches? How to use promotional platforms such as warrior forum and other places which gives you sales.

A detail study is conducted using case study as the primary source of knowledge to learn the same. Our course has been planned and prepared by industry experts from many areas, giving inside on positive and negative areas of online marketing. This will prepare you in such a process that you wont have to think about selling, it will just happen with you as a normal process. What you will think is increasing the scope and dimension of the same. While increasing product line and adding on website’s  in your marketing process.

Affiliate marketing training has changed a lot in the last few years. We have kept up with the ever changing world of affiliate marketing and kept changing and updating our training so our students can learn the affiliate marketing better than others. With emphasis and use of seo and video optimization techniques in affiliate marketing we are providing you world class quality content.

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Few plugins you may like to use to build the store are :

AutoZON Amazon Website Builder

2kb Amazon Affiliates Store

2kb Amazon Affiliates Store

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - WordPress Plugin


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