Adobe Air with top 10 application

By | 9 September, 2012

Adobe Air Description:

Adobe Air with top 10 applications are explained. Adobe Air is a web based applications and desktop applications platform. Applications that require a browser to run or execute its funcions now they dont need it anymore. Many applications now using Adobe Air in place of a browser.
Its a cross-operating system runtime. It gives developers opportunity to develop applications and other functional modules on a single platform and then run the same from different platforms without requiring any changes in it. It has its own rich feature with support to HTML, JavaScript, Flex and Flash.
It will run on very minimum system requirement on Windows, Linux or MAC. Few Applicatin you can first test to see it is for you or not are given here:

Compatible Top 10 Adobe AIR Applications :

1. Fresh:
Its an application made to read RSS feeds using AJAX on Adobe Air platform. Its a good choice as a offline RSS reader. You can create many segments as per your requirement here. Download the application here:

2. Ora Time and Expense:
Its a nice application that helps to keep track of your timings and noitfy you as per your work schedule. It keeps track of your working time, generate reports like invoice, expense reports, time sheets in .csv, .htm., .xml, .xls . You can even pause the timer to take brake. After completing work you can send the data in many formats via mail or even take a print of it.
Download it here:

3. Road Finder:
Nice application helping you navigate to places using Yahoo maps and Google maps with search option.
Download it here :

4. Shrink O’Matic:
It helps to resize pictures in .jpg, .gif, .png extionsions keeping orginal picture as it is.

Download it here :

You can try with these applications and then go ahead and take a decision to use Adobe Air.

We will keep updating this list.

Download Adobe Air here:

Check the following links to download Adobe Air –
Adobe Air Download Link  1  

Adobe Air Download Link  2

Adobe Air Download Link  3

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