A simple life explained in an inspirational way

By | 9 July, 2014

Just Another Youtube video and a very simple comment from me on it…

Video explains the life of a girl now in her 20’s, what she felt, what she learned and what are her feelings… Explained in a nice hand sketched video… I believe you will not loose anything but gain a lot after watching it…

My Comment :

“How beautiful it is explaining one life… its not always we would like to know about big people’s life… we rather love more knowing about other’s who are just like us… your video explains what happens with a very normal human… but you are certainly no more a normal person with more that 100k people liking you in youtube and millions of viewers you have made yourself famous out of absolutely very very simple things that life can give any one… you are an example. From now onwards i will tell my students to see you more than see some top inspirational speaker… ”

What the video say’s

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