6 Essential Tips For Making The Perfect YouTube Video For High Engagements

By | 4 August, 2017

In this world of ever flourishing competition, almost all the businesses today have an online presence to attract customers. If a company already owns a website for their business, then it has already won half of the battle. However, to get more traffic to their website YouTube video is the best option. In this article, you can find tips for making the perfect YouTube video. The idea behind creating a YouTube video for any business is for promotion and building a brand for the business.

Following tips for making the perfect YouTube video should be considered for maximum benefit –

How To Make The Perfect YouTube Video For High Engagements

Choose complete message and content for your video

Content is the backbone of any promotional activity. The first step will be to research about the target audience and the competition in the same niche. Your content will be focussed on giving your business a cutting edge against competitors.

The research will help you to make a detailed list of what to add and what to avoid in your market. It can help to compare if videos with thumbnails are more popular or the video without it. It can give the idea about the language in the video or call for action or whether adding music will help or not.

Decide on the theme of your YouTube channel and match the content with your theme. The content should be added such that it can have something distinct to stand out from the crowd and to attract viewers.

Video can get lost on YouTube with standard and non-researched content. A popular idea and a perfect description can get desired hits on your video.

Also, it is advisable not to upload videos which do not match the theme. Viewers will come to your channel to gain certain information, and if your videos do not bring value to them, they will be forced to look elsewhere.

Business can also try to create a brand reputation through the video by adding a logo to your channel.

Adding the content to the video is important because search engines are not able to read video content, hence the content is the way to rank better on a search engine and also readers can get an idea of the video before watching it. In this way, you can set the expectation of what it is that they get in the video. Add a short, accurate explanation of your video exhausting related keyword mostly typed by viewers.

Lighting and sound

You can create perfect lighting by using a simple table lamp place at the correct angle, or you can use professional level lighting depending upon your budget. If the video theme allows then use halo light for better video. Use a quiet and static place to record your video for amazing video quality. Set up the lighting at different angles. More important areas are the front of the camera, another placed diagonally to the camera facing the wall and you. One light can be positioned opposite to the second one.

If you have a window or door in the room, then try to utilize the natural light whenever possible. You can sit in front of the window and keep camera facing you.

Have an estimate ready before consulting an expert

If you have a budget for your video project, then stick to it. If it allows you to get help from a professional, then it can be very beneficial.
Videographers charge around $75 an hour or may be $1,200 a day depending on their knowledge, aptitude, and experience. They cost depending upon the length of the project or work involved in it. There is always an option to bargain and negotiate.
Professional can help with any doubt about any aspect of video recording or publishing, and then you can also outsource the work or consult an expert videographer.

Expert videographers have the correct equipment from camera to light, microphone, editing equipment, and so on. They can also help with the lighting condition on the site, for example, shooting angles, images, graphics, and sound. The experts can deliver a polished video content as a part of complete package representing the business and channel.

Once you get the professional video, you can still edit it if you have video editing software on your computer or laptop. There are many video editing software available on computers like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker etc.

Produce unique and quality content

The video should have a professional note if it is strictly business related. Adding a little bit of professional value in funny and comedy videos is also possible. The takeaway point is that videos can have a sale pitch and a fun content simultaneously.

YouTube is available for all kinds of video. Home videos, animal videos, etc. are part of the same site, but that does not mean it’s no place for business, sharing knowledge, art, skills.

Video can contain proposal with advice that explains your experience or make a how-to audio-visual video. For example, if a person has a flower shop then the video can establish how to make a beautiful bridal bouquet. This video should contain a lit bit of your know how but not everything. Give viewers a chance to come to the business to know everything, hence giving away any one of your business riddles.

Potential clients will get a sense for your experience and your love for what you do. How-to videos are frequently shared and get viral very easily. So you can take advantage of additional publicity with a broader audience.

Prefer uploading short and catchy video

The video does not need to be lengthy. They should just contain the idea what you are trying to sell them. Videos with a timeline of 2 or 3 minutes are watched more often. Smaller videos created by a large resolution camera attract more views, links, and engagement.
Allow users to connect with you

Set YouTube settings such as it can allow the viewers to voice their opinion about the video, comment and embed on their sites. Limiting viewer access can work against the whole idea of creating and uploading a video in the first place.

In Conclusion

Using above tips and producing quality content can help a business by uploading YouTube video. Many famous you tubers have already tested These tips. Promotion is also important once the video has been published. You can use various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and much more.

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