Monthly Archives: May 2012

windows startup problem

Tips for solving windows start up problem When windows takes a long time to load the system and you need it fast you feel the need of fast system, but when it fails to start then sometimes it becomes difficult to even diagnose the problem. Here we are going to give you few tips so… Read More »

Search Engine Optimisation

  Optimization is a Game that we love While working and i would rather say fighting for a space among the top websites to earn a living and place our company Extensive Online for our customers among other top ranking websites i found few SEO tricks that work wonder which i would love to share… Read More »


  “SixthSense” is a wearable gesture interface made to augment the physical world around us. It tries to connect objects of physical world with the digital world. It also allows digital information and tools to be used in physical world with the required digital tools. It uses natural hand guestures to interact with digital information.… Read More »

Google Glass Project

Now although Google has also successfully developed a Vision Augmenting Device but i believe its far behind from ‘SixthSense’. Although it aims to provide all the features that ‘SixthSense’ provides you. Google has put a video of its Glass Project that shows a very beutifull implementation of the Google Glass project but many doubt Google… Read More »

add posting job

ONLINE DATA ENTRY introduction Today people are more interested in searching jobs & income opportunity on internet rather than referring any newspaper. Doing this they get huge database of company, instant business details, online support, online payment options & many more. The actual work is Posting our Ad content in various classified websites, Message boards,… Read More »