10 ways to improve computer speed

By | 7 July, 2013

Lets see 10 ways to improve computer speed. Many people think about taking advantage of their hardware. Here are 10 simple tips about how to help make your Home windows XP computer improve your speed without needing to purchase additional hardware.

1. Defrag Disk to Accelerate Use of Data

Among the factors that slow the performance from the computer is disk fragmentation. When files are fragmented, the pc must search hard disk once the file is opened up to piece it together again. To accelerate the response time, you need to monthly run Disk Defragmenter, a Home windows utility that defrags and consolidates fragmented files for faster computer response.

* Follow Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter
* Click the drives you want to defrag and click Analyze
* Click Defragment

2. Identify and Repair Disk Errors

With time, your hard disk drive evolves bad industries. Bad industries decelerate hard disk drive performance and often make data writing difficult or perhaps impossible. To identify and repair disk errors, Home windows includes a built-in tool known as the mistake Checking utility. It’ll search hard disk for bad industries and system errors and repair them for faster performance.

* Follow Start > My Computer

* Within My Computer right-click on the hard disk drive you need to scan and click on Qualities

* Click on the Tools tab

* Click Check Now

* Choose the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad industries check box

* Click Start

3. Disable Indexing Services

Indexing Services is a touch application that utilizes lots of CPU. By indexing and upgrading lists of all of the files on the pc, it allows you to perform a look for something faster because it scans the index. But when you realize where your files are, you are able to disable this technique service. It will not inflict injury to you machine, whether you search frequently or not so frequently.

* Visit Start

* Click Configurations

* Click User Interface

* Double-click Add/Remove Programs

* Click on the Add/Remove Window Components

* Uncheck the Indexing services

* Click Next

4. Optimize Display Configurations

Home windows XP is really a looker. However it costs you system assets that are utilized to display all of the visual products and effects. Home windows looks fine should you disable the majority of the configurations and then leave the next:

* Show shadows under menus

* Show shadows under mouse pointer

* Show translucent selection rectangle

* Use drop shadows for symbols labels around the desktop

* Use visual styles on home windows and buttons

5. Disable Performance Counters

Home windows XP includes a performance monitor utility which monitors several regions of your PC’s performance. These utilities occupy system assets so crippling may be beneficial.

* Install the Extensible Performance Counter List (http://world wide web.microsoft.com/windows2000/techinfo/reskit/tools/existing/exctrlst-o.asp)

* Then choose each counter consequently within the ‘Extensible performance counters’ window and obvious the ‘performance counters enabled’ checkbox at the end button below

6. Optimize Your Pagefile

You are able to optimize your pagefile. Setting a set size for your pagefile saves the operating-system from the necessity to re-size the pagefile.

* Right click My Computer and choose Qualities

* Choose the Advanced tab

* Under Performance pick the Configurations button

* Choose the Advanced tab again and under Virtual Memory choose Change

* Highlight the drive that contains your page file making the first Size the file identical to the Maximum Size the file.

7. Remove Fonts for Speed

Fonts, especially TrueType fonts, use a great deal of system assets. For optimal performance, trim your fonts lower to simply individuals you need to use every day and fonts that programs may need.

* Open User Interface

* Open Fonts folder

* Move fonts its not necessary to some temporary directory (e.g. C:FONTBKUP?) just just in case you want or need to create a couple of of these back. The greater fonts you un-install, the greater system assets you will get.

8. Make use of a Expensive Memory to enhance Performance

To enhance performance, you have to install additional Random access memory. It’ll allow you to boot your OS much faster and run many programs and access data faster. There’s no simplest and much more technically elegant method of doing it than use eBoostr (http://world wide web.eboostr.com).

eBoostr is a touch program that allows you improve a performance associated with a computer, run by Home windows XP in exactly the same as Vista’s ReadyBoost. With eBoostr, for those who have a memory stick, like a USB expensive thumb drive or perhaps an Sdcard, technology-not only to create your pc run better. Simply connect a memory stick via a USB socket and Home windows XP uses eBoostr to make use of the expensive memory to enhance performance.

The merchandise shows the greatest results for commonly used programs and knowledge, which turns into a fantastic aspect for those who are utilizing office programs, graphics programs or developer tools. It’ll surely attract a unique attention of laptop proprietors as laptop upgrade is generally more difficult and laptop hard disk drives are obviously reduced than individuals of desktop computers.

9. Execute a Boot Defragment

We learnt 9 ways to improve computer speed and have seen that There’s an easy method to accelerate XP startup: help make your system perform a boot defragment, that will invest the boot files alongside each other in your hard disk drive. When boot files have been in close closeness to each other, the body will begin faster. We expect the 10 method as comment from our users.

Of all systems, boot defragment ought to be enabled automatically, but may possibly not be on yours, or it may have been transformed unintentionally. To make certain that boot defragment is enabled:

* Run the Registry Editor

* Visit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftDfrgBootOptimizeFunction

* Set the Enable string value to Y if it’s not already set to Y.

* Exit the Registry

* Reboot

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