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Modern day digital marketing campaigns rely a great deal on using the social medium to project the brand image of a company to the targeted audiences. There are a host of social media channels available to the marketing gurus to propound their strategies. One such channel that has witnessed a great amount of popularity amongst the advertisers due to its wide reach and informal way of engaging with the targeted audiences is the Quora platform. Quora can be described as an informal social meeting point in the digital world where experts in some domains answer the queries that are posted there.

Our company has a great experience using this multi-faceted social platform to create content, establishing authority and launching highly focused campaigns for companies. To run a successful campaign on this platform to attract more traffic to the website of our clients our experts take these steps.

1). Content: The first part of launching a marketing campaign on the Quora is to create interesting and highly engaging content for the viewer. The content should be relevant to the topic and have the latest fact and figures about the subject discussed.

2). Focus on creating the right Quora profile: It is our marketing strategy to use the partial bio profile that is visible when an answer is given to a query is optimized to improve your brand.

3). Find out what topics people are following: Quora has this amazing tracking system which allows you to learn what questions the Quora users are interested in currently. Our marketing experts use this information to provide highly informative and interesting answers to establish their reputation as an expert in that subject. They pick out a topic that is relevant to the business profile of our client and then tries to search for a question on that subject that has a big number of upvotes signifying that it is viewed a lot. When you write an impressive answer to that question, then people looking at that answer will like to know more about you and also follow you. This will give you a great opportunity to project the brand of your client.

4). Answer the question with confidence: When you are answering a question that you have selected give an answer to it in an authoritative way. People who view your answer must feel that you have a good hold on that subject and your views matter. Do not use words like maybe, probably that shows indecisiveness. As an expert, you should be confident about the answer you are writing. Keep your answers short and simple and use the storytelling concept to make it more engaging.

5). Always be on the lookout for new interesting questions: Never rest on your laurels. If the answer you have given was appreciated by many try to keep this tempo up with even better answers to other interesting questions. This will improve your reputation on the Quora forum which you can then leverage to project the brand of a company that you represent.

6). Good customer support: This is one of the most important parts of Quora marketing. We regularly update our clients how well the campaign is progressing on the social platform and what are the results.