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Top 10 Network Marketing / MLM Companies in India

Top 10 Network Marketing / MLM Companies in India

Multi-Level marketing a way of business which bring business by the way of direct sales within a network of committed buyers. Existing distributor networks are encouraged to purchase more from the parent company and redistribute the same to others retail buyers but under an assured buying system where retail buyers also join.

Rather the retail buyers form a tree shaped business model and called down line who then take the marketing ahead. As the tree grows every end of the branches benefit as they also then buy product for personal consumption in lower cost and take it further ahead and does the extended marketing.

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There are many well known MLM companies work around the world and Amway is a good example. Other than it we have companies like :

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RMP Infotech Private Limited

A company started in 2001 counted among the first MLM companies from India.With the Corporate Head Office at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They have products in the line of home, cosmetics, kitchen utensils. They have changed the website address and operation method in last few years so need to be confirmed of the other products or services added to their repertoire. Even if they are not operational currently they will remain as one of India’s first MLM companies.

Their possible website :


A sweden based company established in 1947. Operates in more than 50 countries world wide. Deals in cosmetic products and have a highly trained workforce who deals in increase the channel strength.

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Amway is another well know MLM company who deals in cosmetic and beauty products. Som health products can also be found in their stock. They started operation in 1959 and has world wide presence. Ranked in top 10 MLM companies in usa.

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Among the top 10 MLM companies of india started operation in 1886. They deals in cosmetic, beauty and personal products. They lead the MLM market for many decades till other competitors came up.

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Hindustan unilever

The Hindustan Uniliver Limited also operates their own MLM section and has a wide and well spreadout reach across the country and world both. With a nice and strong impression as a stable company established in 1987, it became popular in a short time.It’s a part of Unilever Group which has presence in many countries with country specific brand names.

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Modi Care is a international MLM company started in india in 1996. It deals in nutrition, health, skin care, personal care, home care laundry care, food and beverage products. With head office at New Delhi, India it operates in many other countries as well.

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RCM as a viable and good MLM option came up in 2000 and provided quite good business for many. It was started from rajasthan and continued a steady operation for next 13 years before their operational strength reduced.

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Gurussr Distributors Private Limited

Another MLM company which started operation in indian in 2010 worked well for next 3 years before going down in quality of operation and supply chain. Deals in Health Care Products, Skin Care Products, Beauty Products, Noni, Nutritional products, Aloe Vera Products

Their possible website :

Tulip Global Pvt Ltd

Tulip Global Pvt Ltd is another company that started in 2007. Its an ISO Certified Company that operates from Jaipur, India. For last 5-6 years they are trying to expand and buid infrastructure with increasing retail and other chains so they can be another successful company.

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